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Food Additives

Peroxyacetic Acid is a non-foaming, fast acting, free rinsing sanitizer. The active ingredient, also known as peracetic acid or simply PAA, is a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent ideal for sanitization in the food and beverage industry, chlorine free bleaching in the laundry and pulp & paper industries, biocide in water treatment and sanitizer for medical applications. Unlike Hydrogen Peroxide it continues to be effective in the presence of catalase and peroxidase and is safe for non-rinse food applications leaving only biodegradable residues. Spotless™ Sanitize is a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved Peroxyacetic Acid.

CFIA Approval Spotless™ Sanitize CFIA Letter of Approval

Operating Conditions

0 - 40°C
3.0 - 7.5
Varies per application. It is recommended that micro-biological tests are performed to confirm that adequate sterilization is achieved.



HARD SURFACES: It is particularly suitable for uses in spraying, soaking, circulation or flooding applications designed to sanitize pre-cleaned, hard surfaces such as utensils, glass and plastic bottles and containers, walls, floors, drains, pipes and equipment in dairy, beverage, brewery, winery, egg, food processing plants and other clean-in-place (CIP) processes.

FOOD, MEAT, FISH, FRUIT and VEGETABLES: Peroxyacetic acid can be used for both direct and indirect on raw or processed red meat. The performance is improved by increasing temperature and spray application. It is also highly effective on poultry. Fish and other seafood can be sanitized by coming in contact with water or ice containing the sanitizer. Fruits and vegetables can be put through spray, dip and brush washers containing the Peroxyacetic Acid. Please contact Aqua Bond to request more detailed information regarding recommended concentrations for your application.


Spotless™ Sanitize is an effective biocide that uses the strong oxidizing properties of Peroxyacetic Acid. It is used to prevent bio-film or “slime” formation. In turn, it is a proactive odour eliminator generated by bacteria in paper mills. In addition, the effectiveness of Spotless™ Sanitize at low temperatures and over a wide pH range makes it an ideal bleaching agent for the pulp and paper industry. The resulting products reach and maintain their brightness goals without yellowing. Spotless™ Sanitize is an environmentally friendly alternative to aldehydes, bromium, organic sulphur, and quaternary ammonium biocides, as well as chlorinated bleaches.


The combination of sanitizing and bleaching properties make Spotless™ Sanitize an ideal product for laundry in hotel, restaurants, medical facilities and food processing industries. The strength of the product means that only a small amount is required to be added to a washing machine to attain desired results. It is a chlorine free and environmentally conscious bleaching agent. The effectiveness of Spotless Sanitize at low temperatures make it ideal for energy saving cold water washing.


Spotless™ Sanitize is a biocide that will treat industrial and municipal waste water, recycled, RO and cooling water, as well as sanitize sewage waste. It prevents biofilm and odour formation by eliminating algae, mussel larva, legionella and other bacteria. It’s ease of use eliminates expensive capital costs associated with UV, Ozone or Chlorine Dioxide. Spotless™ Sanitize is not chlorinated and has biodegradable decomposition products. It will help with light solids floating clarifiers and improve effectiveness of heat exchangers.

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