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Spotless Scale Remover

Spotless™ LAC removes lead chromate scaling formed on lead alloy anodes used in hexavalent chromium solutions. The insulating film is stripped to promote throwing power, lower plating voltages, reduces pits and burns on parts, and propagates trivalent re-oxidation. A routine immersion cycle will quickly improve plating quality and lengthen anode life. Spotless™ LAC complies with Boeing BAC5709 Lead Anode Cleaner Specification.


Anode Maintenance Program: Implement standard operating procedures that reduce anode scaling and remove light films before they build up.

Lead Peroxide: Remove anodes from plating solution when not in use. Clean anodes after use. Immerse in water tank until Lead Peroxide film forms. This dark-brown film maintains the trivalent chromium concentration.

Anode Addition: New anodes will form scale rapidly. Replace all anodes at one time, if possible, and particularly maintain newly added anodes.  

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