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Surface Finishing and Coatings

Mineral Tanning - Basic Chromium Sulphate

Aqua Bond is providing the tanning industry with both inorganically reduced (with Sulphur Dioxide) and organically reduced (with sugar) basic chromium sulphate. Both high purity products provide strong cross-linking of the hide, resulting in:

  • stabilization against enzymatic degradation,
  • lowest swelling potential,
  • highest shrinking temperature,
  • pliable leather for further product manufacturing,
  • protection against leather discoloration, and
  • increased chemical resistance.

Chromium Oxide Content 25.5 %
Schorlemmer Basicity 33.0%
pH (10% Solution) 3.0

Basic Chromium Sulphate Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Basic Chromium Sulphate Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Supplementary products for the surface finishing industry including commodities and metal products. Water treatment plans that involve chemical separation of contaminants found in process effluent, as well as support for physical removal methods. Chromic Acid available in dust free flakes and custom hexavalent chrome blends.
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