Heavy Zinc Phosphate Oil

H30Phos Oil is an emulsifiable, rust preventative oil designed for use over heavy zinc phosphates. H30Phos Oil is formulated to provide maximum corrosion protection and extended service life of the coated surfaces. It offers excellent salt spray resistance to heavy zinc phosphated steel for over 120 hours. H30Phos Oil is suited for immersion or spray application. H30Phos Oil produces a transparent, tack free corrosion resistant coating that will not interfere with subsequent processes.

H30Phos Oil can also be used on bare steel and its alloys that are temporarily exposed to humid or corrosive environment. It is ideal for short-term outdoor or long-term indoor storage.


• Excellent salt spray resistance to phosphated steel.
• Prevents rusting of steel substrates during transit.
• Dry-to-touch, tack free film.
• Provides clear corrosion resistant finishes.
• Economical single step system.
• Liquid material for ease of use.
• Exceptional emulsifying and rust preventative properties.

Operating Conditions

Concentration: 10 to 30 % b.v.

Temperature 60 to 82°C (140 to 180°F)

It is recommended for application after machining, cleaning, pickling or phosphating of steel substrates requiring corrosion protection.

To remove the rust preventative coating from bare steel substrates, the use of alkalinecleaners is sufficient.

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