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Surface Finishing and Coatings


Spotless™ PBW is a granular CIP cleaner that generates active oxidizers to breakdown proteins and organic compounds providing a wide range of applications: It can be used on stainless steel tanks and process lines, as well as oak barrels for removing tannins.  The Caustic Soda free formulation is safe on sensitive metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. The best practice is to rinse with potable water after cleaning, followed by a sanitizer.

Brewery Acid 5 is a circulating acid cleaner used to remove scale and passivates stainless steel. It quickly penetrates and loosens beerstone a combination of calcium oxalate scale and hard water minerals that is hardened by proteins from the brewing process.

Spotless™ CitraPass SS is a passivating organic acid that effectively removes all free iron from the surface and stimulates growth of a passive oxide layer on the surface to protect the substrate from corrosion. Passivation forms an oxide layer on the metal surface to improve and protect the substrate from corrosion preventing bulk degradation. Stainless steel alloys have the capability to self-passivate; however, the surface must first be clean of any free iron, sulfides and other foreign matters of contamination. This product is a great environmentally friendly alternative to more toxic mineral acids such as nitric acid, and strong acid blends such as Brewery Acid 5.

Spotless™ Sanitize is a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent ideal for sanitization of winery and brewery tanks and hard surfaces. On non-porous surfaces spray, soak, circulate or flood for 2 to 5 minutes with a solution at a concentration of 0.2 to 0.5% (providing 100 to 250 ppm peroxyacetic acid). Prepare solution by diluting 2 to 5 mL per 1L of potable water. Drain any excess solution.

GreenTerge is a high-performance, multi-purpose liquid cleaner concentrate designed to clean industrial surfaces with outstanding degrease and deodourizing properties. Greenterge is formulated for use at various concentration or full strength for heavily soiled surfaces. It is a safer alternative to toxic, hazardous and dangerous solvents or caustic soda. Greenterge can be applied by wiping, mopping, brushing or spraying directly onto equipment, tools and surfaces. It can also be used with automatic floor scrubbing systems.


  1. Ascorbic Acid USP/FCC
  2. Calcium Carbonate FG
  3. Calcium Chloride FG
  4. Calcium Sulphate FG
  5. Citric Acid USP/FCC
  1. Lactic Acid 88% Solution USP/FCC
  2. Sodium Benzoate FCC Granular
  3. Sodium Metabisulfite NF/FG
  4. Phosphoric Acid 75% Food Grade
  5. Potassium Sorbate FCC
food processing market Metal Precipitation Plating Salts
Beverage, brewery, winery, egg, food processing plants and other clean-in-place (CIP) processes Water treatment plans that involve chemical separation of contaminants found in process effluent, as well as support for physical removal methods. Sodium Hydroxide Beads and 50% solution available in pails, drums, totes and bulk up to 5,000 gal
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