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Surface Finishing and Coatings

Aqua Bond's tagline "Chemistry for Tomorrow" boldly implies our purpose is research, development, and innovation for design, manufacture, and distribution for future chemical markets through partnerships as a premiere toll blender for the Americas. Our stewardship is guided by sustainable products and services in a myriad of markets including; personal care, food, water, energy, and surface finishing. We are proud to announce with the transfer of responsibilities from Westbrook, AquaBond has partner with MacDermid Enthone Inc, as a Canadian distributor in Surface Finishing.

MacDermid Enthone makes everything you see, and many things you don't see, last longer, work better and look more beautiful. Our coatings add value to a diversity of metals, plastics and other substrates by improving or changing performance characteristics, extending product life, and delivering a lower cost of ownership. Leading OEMs worldwide depend on MacDermid Enthone to enhance corrosion and wear protection, improve appearance, and enable electronic performance. To learn more, visit

A leading global supplier of high performance specialty chemicals and coatings, MacDermid Enthone products provide innovative and cost-effective technology solutions for a wide range of markets and applications worldwide and serve the following industries:

MacDermid Enthone
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Surface finishing products including performace coatings, plating salts and commodities, metal anodes and water treatment chemistry. Aqua Bond's flexible manufacturing can perform a wide variety of liquid and powder blends. Aqua Bond offers independent lab services, test method development and laboratory training.
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