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H30Phos NF is a uniquely balanced heavy immersion zinc phosphate formulated to exceed the requirements of most auto specifications, as well as providing an excellent pre-paint coating. H30Phos NF provides very good corrosion protection on ferrous metal parts by depositing in excess of 1,800 milligrams per square foot of crystalline zinc phosphate, which serves as an excellent base for supplementary coatings and processes. When used with a water emulsion oil product, H30Phos NF achieves over 120 hours salt spray and with oil wax it can surpass 168 hours. H30Phos NF contains no nickel as is common in most zinc phosphates. H30Phos NF can be applied in drawing, cold forming or extruding operations.

Typical Phosphating Cycle

  Operation Immersion Time


1. Alkaline soak clean, Spotless LSS 5 to 10 minutes 60 to 82 ºC (140 to 180 ºF)
2. Rinse, overflowing water 30 seconds Ambient
3. Black pre-dip, H30Phos Black 10 to 60 seconds 18 to 37 ºC (65 to 100 ºF)
4. Rinse, overflowing water 30 seconds Ambient
5. Hot rinse 30 seconds 60 to 71 ºC (140 to 160 ºF)
6. Phosphate, H30Phos NF 10 to 20 minutes 71 to 79 ºC (160 to 175 ºF)
7. Rinse, overflowing water 30 seconds Ambient
8. Seal rinse 30 to 60 seconds 60 ºC (140 ºF)
9. Rust Preventative Oil, H30Phos Oil 30 to 60 seconds 60 to 82 ºC (140 to 180 ºF)

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Weldphos Fe is a uniquely balanced liquid iron phosphate, which produces an iridescent blue phosphate finish on steel. Weldphos Fe is formulated as an active corrosion inhibiting paint-bonding phosphate coating on ferrous metals. Weldphos Fe comprises of accelerators, detergents, and phos acids that clean and produce corrosion resistant coatings on steel substrates. Weldphos Fe can also be used on zinc surfaces to achieve excellent adhesion.

Weldphos MM produces the same iridescent blue phosphate finish on multi-metals. Weldphos MM is formulated as an active corrosion inhibiting paint-bonding phosphate coating on multimetals. Weldphos MM effectively cleans and produces corrosion resistant coating on steel, galvanized and aluminum substrates.


Weldcoat is a chrome phosphate pre-paint treatment designed to process aluminum and its alloys. This chrome phosphate conversion coating provides excellent paint adhesion and corrosion protection. Weldcoat can be applied by spray or immersion. Chrome phosphate coatings vary from an iridescent green to a darker green.



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GreenBond™ a phosphate free replacement coating designed to replace iron and zinc phosphate on steel and galvanized substrates. H30Phos Oil is an emulsifiable, rust preventative oil ideal over heavy zinc phosphates. Aqua Bond offers independent lab services, test method development and laboratory training.
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