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Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Aqua Bond's flexible manufacturing can perform a wide variety of liquid and powder blends. Our facility is equipped with various capacities of Stainless Steel, PE, and FRP Liquid Mix tanks. Stainless Steel Ribbon Blenders with multiple packaging options, and a High Intensity Mixer (Henschel Style) are available for powder blends. Our stainless steel custom fabricated bagging machine with load cells is capable of different weights for bags, drums and super sacs. In addition our facility has a variety of support equipment for manufacturing. Annually we have the capacity to produce 40MM pounds of liquid batches and 10MM pounds of dry powder blends. The facility has been certified according to three ISO standards: Quality 9001: 2008, Environmental 14001:2004, Food Safety 22000:2005.

Aqua Bond's Strengths

  • Experienced manufacturing technology and support personnel.
  • Experience in demanding markets.
  • Quick response to customer needs.
  • Well maintained and efficient batch processing capabilities.
  • Wide range of liquid and solids blending.
  • Inventory management system to handle large numbers of products and raw materials.
  • Flexible Production – small to large batches.
  • Private labelling with Regulatory Compliance.
  • Packaging with UN Compliance.
  • Strong capability to manage customer transfer technology and ongoing manufacturing.
  • Extensive laboratory capabilities to perform process development work.

• Excellent Manufacturing programs:

- Quality Management Systems
- Product QC functions
- Environmental Compliance
- Safety
- Process Technology

• Wide range of liquid and solids blending.

- Industrial Intermediates
- Product Families
- Specialty Products
- New Products

Henschel Mixer

100 HP of Powder Blending Power!

North.American.Outsourcing Chemical Distribution Product Innovation
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North American toll blending read Canadian Outsourcing: An Economic, Environmental and Human Solution
Aqua Bond has a full product line available for distributors, backed by an innovative research and development laboratory. Aqua Bond offers independent lab services, test method development and laboratory training.
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