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Custome Chemical Blending

Aqua Bond is a chemical supplier with full chemical blending capabilities.  You may be an equipment supplier that is looking to supplement your products, or a chemical distributor that would like to expand their line. As a distributor for Aqua Bond you take advantage of our buying power and rely on our manufacturing expertise. Our three ISO standards ensure product quality and logistic efficiency, environmental maintenance through a holistic approach to our production process, and the upholding of food safety. All manufactured products come with technical data sheets, material safety data sheets and certificate of analysis, other lab support services are available.  


Acid and Alkali Cleaners
Zirconic and other Phosphate-Free Pre-Treatment
Chromium Free Seals
Corrosion Protective Oils
Carrier Salts and Stearate Soaps


Iron Phosphate
Zinc Phosphate
Chrome Phosphate
Powder Phosphates – ship as solid and are made up with water in order to reduce transportation costs.

Cleaners and Coating Removal

Biodegradable Solvents and Heavy Duty Degreasers
Room Temperature Paint Strippers  and E-Coat Stripper
Warewashing, Laundry and Janitorial Solutions
Neutral pH Die and Ink Removal

Custom Products

Commodities and Additives
Water Treatment Chemistry
Sanitization Products
Pool Maintenance Chemicals

The list above is just some of our products that are sold by direct distributors under the Aqua Bond label. We also offer a private labeling option; here are some examples of such sellers:

Industrial warewashing machine manufacture distributes custom cleaning detergent.
Climbing hold company requested Aqua Bond to formulate a cleaner for use in rock climbing gyms.
Rubber Die manufacturer distributes Die Wash-Up, a pH neutral cleaners that safely removes inks.
• Hydroponic company re-packages an Aqua Bond Universal pH Indicator.
Toll Blending customer supplements their product line with Aqua Bond specialty cleaners.  

Custom Blending North American Outsourcing Product Innovation
Aqua Bond's flexible manufacturing can perform a wide variety of liquid and powder blends. For more reasons to consider North American toll blending read Canadian Outsourcing: An Economic, Environmental and Human Solution. Aqua Bond offers independent lab services, test method development and laboratory training.
Zirconic Pre-Treatment
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