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Custom Blending Capabilities

The Sodium Hypophosphite closed loop processing system includes 5,000 gal tank for pure solutions and proprietary blend tanks. All vessels are mounted on load cells for batch control and automatic solution transfer. Products available in pails, drums, totes and tank wagons. We are proud to meet our Social responsibility, Economic strategy by providing fair market pricing, and exceed Environmental standards (SEE), as well as maintain our company value system and three ISO standards: Quality 9001:2008, Environmental, 14001:2004, Food Safety 22000:2005. Production, Packaging, Selling, Importing and Exporting of this material is performed under the guidelines of Health Canada, and the requirements of the Precursor A Licence.

CFIA Approval Health Canada Precursor A Licence for Hypophosphorous Acid

  • Solutions are made from high purity base material and are tested by ion chromatography to allow for use in sensitive applications.
  • Dedicated Blending Tanks and Tank wagons controlled by a closed loop system to ensure highest quality of product and prevent contamination.
  • Well maintained and efficient batch processing capabilities.
  • Flexible Production – small to large batches, available from pails to tank wagons.
  • Private labelling with Canadian and International Regulatory Compliance.
  • Strong capability to manage customer transfer technology and ongoing manufacturing.
  • Aqua Bond is a distribution hub allowing material to reach Canadian customers quickly without lengthy import process.
  • Security Protocols are strictly followed to ensure custom blending formulations are kept safe.
  • Industrial laboratory available for quality control testing, research and development, specialty performance testing and chrome plating analysis.
  • Commodity products are ready to ship from our Toronto Warehouse, fast turn over of custom blends:
  • Sodium Hypophosphite 50% solution.
  • Propriatery blends and reducer products.
  • Reconstitution to custom concentrations.

Chromium Trioxide

Dedicated Sodium Hypophosphite Manufacturing Tanks


Custom Blending North American Outsourcing Product Innovation
Aqua Bond's flexible manufacturing can perform a wide variety of liquid and powder blends. Aqua Bond's Blog contains updates and more pictures on our custom blending activities. Aqua Bond offers independent lab services, test method development and laboratory training.
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