AquaBond provides 20,000 sq. ft. of contemporary warehousing space with 22 ft. of clearance. The warehouse is climate controlled with infrared heating throughout the winter. However, as part of our Environmental Policy, energy efficient equipment is used including lights that decrease energy usage by 65%. These lights are shatter proof, which is an important part of our Food Safety Policy. The warehouse is kept clean, dust free and pest free. Ultrasonic sound barriers drive rodents away, while smaller pests are stopped by our own AquaDrop™. Persons are deterred from unauthorized entry by the 24 hour video surveillance system. Materials are additionally protected through liability insurance. The warehouse grid system, three forklifts and experienced personnel together insure efficient logistics that are accompanied by competitive shipping rates.

Description of Goods, Additional Services and Rates (Canadian Dollars)*

Goods, Pack
Container Unit

Size of Unit
(Length, WIdth, Height, Cube)
Gross Weight of Unit Storage Charge Per Month Per Unit Ordinary Handling Charge Per Unit (upon receipt includes in and out)

Hazardous or non-hazardous materials

On Full Pallets.

Oxidizers and/or Corrosives in bags, pails or drums of various sizes and weights.

Standard Pallets and Totes Varies

$13.00 per pallet

Racked or stacked on floor

$6.50 per pallet

*Additional services not described above shall be provided at the rates set out in Warehouseman’s supplemental price list:

Freight Charge: Next Day Delivery within GTA

1ST Skid: $50.00
Skids 2 - 5: $16.50 each
Skid 6+: $14.50 each

• GTA borders…Brock Road to the East, Mississauga Road to the West and Major Mackenzie/Bovaird to the North
• Skid weight based on 1500 lb per skid spot. All above rates have been quoted in Canadian dollars.
• Same day Deliveries must be called in by 11AM – if after 11AM Direct drive charges will apply
• Same day Delivery $25.00 surcharge per order
• Direct Drive $45.00 surcharge per order
• Hazardous Goods charge 10% or $12.50 minimum
• Fuel Surcharge 10% per order
• Locations outside the GTA to be quoted as required

Order Picking Charges

Order Picking fee bags/pails/drums/totes $ 12.00 per order
Stretch Wrapping (if required) $ 2.50 per pallet
Shipping Labels for pallets $ 0.45 per pallet
Cardboard Pallet Covers 42 X 48 $2.03 each
Cardboard Pallet Covers 48 X 48 $2.23 each
Anti-Slip Pallet Paper 40 X 48 $1.75 each
Plastic Top Sheet $0.60 per pallet
Empty Pallets 42 X 48 (to fill orders) $ 7.50 per pallet (42x48)
Empty Pallets 48 X 48 (to fill orders) $ 11.50 per pallet (48x48)
Next day order fee $ No Charge
Same day order fee (order received before 11PM for same day shipping) $ 12.25 per order
Rush order fee (order received after 11PM for same day shipping) $ 24.50 per order
Administration Fee (shipping documents) $ No Charge
Forklift Operator/Warehouse personnel $ 25.00 per hour
Supervisor $ 30.00 per hour
After hours rush order fee (1 worker & 1 supervisor 4 hour min.) $ 330 minimum charge
After hours rush order fee greater then 4 hours $ 82.50 per hour

Please Refer to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information.

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